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As always, keep abreast of financial events. Many will say that reading about financial news and events in Ukraine and the world is boring. However, the financial situation and well-being of each of us directly depends on what is happening in the world of money. Therefore, a conscious person should be interested in financial news. Only in this way can he plan savings, major purchases, job changes, and even vacations. What awaits us tomorrow? We can get an answer to this question today by reading economic news. We have prepared for you a selection of online resources that will help you keep abreast of developments in the world of finance and get the most information in just 5 minutes. For a general understanding: financial headings on news sites You can track news of Ukrainian banks, the stock market, fintech, information useful for business and individuals using news portals and news agencies. Events from the financial sector are on segodnya.ua, liga.net, korrespondent.net, mind.ua and other news sites. The column “Economics” is presented on the online resources of news agencies - “Interfax”, “Ukrinform”, etc. The Internet-publication “Economic Truth” should be highlighted separately. Here, in addition to the news of the economy, the banking sector, the events of big business, there is a section of journalistic investigations, sections on taxes, financial technologies, etc. To become a pro: specialized financial resources. In Yuanet there are several resources devoted exclusively to monetary issues. They give the main emphasis on Finnish news in Ukraine and the world, and also regularly publish analytics, reviews, expert and popular ratings. Minfin and Finance.ua Among the most popular specialized financial online resources in Ukraine are Minfin and Finance.ua. Their news feeds are updated every 7-10 minutes. Of course, for the average person, not all events matter. To weed out the excess, you can periodically review the publication headings and read only those that are important to you. In addition to the latest economic and financial news, both portals are aggregators of offers on loans and deposits from Ukrainian banks, microfinance organizations, including moneyveo, as well as from insurance companies and developers. Here you will find: ratings of financial institutions and insurance companies, as well as information about their services, promotions; the ability to pick up a loan / deposit / insurance and apply online; information about all new buildings in the capital and suburbs of Kiev; auctions for the sale of bank mortgage real estate; indices of inflation, minimum and average wages, cost of living, utility bills, etc .; exchange rates and advantageous offers on money exchange, currency calculators; cryptocurrency news and analyst forecasts on this topic; columns of experts on issues related to financial events and trends; Financial Subscriber Forums. Prostobank.ua Prostobank.ua is another aggregator for the selection of services of Ukrainian banks, non-bank microfinance organizations, insurance companies, etc. There is no news section here, but regularly (every 2-4 days) useful reviews, articles about changes that occur in the financial market. By following the updates, you can quickly figure out the topics that interest you. A separate area of ​​the online resource is advice to users on maintaining a personal budget. Experts of Prostobank.ua under the heading "Finance" talk about how to buy and sell real estate, where and how to invest money, how to choose a bank to receive a pension, how to calculate maternity, etc. For ease of search, the rubric is divided into thematic subsections. PaySpace Magazine PaySpace Magazine is an online publication about fintech (new financial technologies) and e-commerce (e-commerce), startups, payment systems in Ukraine and the world. Here, in addition to news, you will find expert articles and reviews about Internet payments, traditional and alternative money, new financial and banking technologies, etc. In maintaining a personal budget, reading headings comes in handy: “Life hacks” - tips on earning and spending, business tasks, planning holiday, big purchases, etc .; "Events" - a poster for local and international fintech events; “Services” - PaySpace Magazine services that help save time and make the right payment decisions. Briefly about the main thing: subscribing to newsletters, YouTube channels and social networks In order to keep abreast of financial news, you can not waste time surfing the Internet, but simply subscribe to email and / or push newsletters, instant messengers, social networks or video blogs of your favorite online -resources. Email- and push-mailings So, a brief squeeze of information into email can be obtained from all news portals and news agencies. And from specialized financial resources, Minfin and Prostobank.ua offer to subscribe to online mailing lists. And both give the opportunity to choose the topic. The "Ministry of Finance" has daily newsletters: "News" - informs about the latest news of the economy of Ukraine and the world; and "Currency" - will help in time to decide on the exchange or profitable investment. Prostobank.ua offers weekly newsletters of useful articles and reviews: about services for private business, as well as about banking news of Ukraine and exchange rates, about the rights of citizens and business. Email newsletters come once a day. In them you see a brief summary of the news or article and a link to the full version of the material on the site. If you subscribe to pushies, you will receive them for each individual material in real time. Push notifications most often come immediately after the publication on the site. These posts are very short and include links that translate to articles. Push messages are the fastest way to track news. Messengers Another convenient way to track financial news is to subscribe to instant messengers, for example, Viber or Telegram. Of the above financial resources, only the Ministry of Finance has Viber mailing. In Telegram you can find PaySpace Magazine, Finance.ua, Minfin, segodnya.ua, liga.net, mind.ua and Ukrinform. Subscribing to Viber and Telegram is suitable for readers who use instant messengers and prefer the most concise news coverage. YouTube Video Blogs For those who are more comfortable with visual content, it’s more convenient to learn about finances from YouTube video blogs. PaySpace Magazine and Finance.ua, for example, have both of them. They are dedicated to improving the financial literacy of the audience and cover topics that can help to understand new fintech services or events in the world of money. There is no news on the PaySpace Magazine channel, but on a regular basis, 1-2 times a month, training videos are added here, useful both for maintaining a personal budget and for a private business. The topics are very different: how to pay utility bills online, how to use self-service cash registers in supermarkets, how to accept payments from a smartphone, how to invest in Ukraine or how to buy on Alibaba, etc. The Finance.ua channel is updated 3-4 times a month. The topics here are no less interesting. For example: how the dollar exchange rate will affect real estate and deposits, the forecast - what will happen to the dollar exchange rate during the year, what you need to know, drawing up a credit online on a card, how to choose a bank for SPD, etc. Prostobank.ua also has its own YouTube channel. . It is updated 2-4 times a month. The videos here last from 2 to 7 minutes with details and examples. Here you will learn how to open your own online store, how to save gas and electricity, get acquainted with the latest bitcoin forecast, understand electronic money and bank loan deposits. You can also raise your level of financial literacy by subscribing to personal video blogs of experts in this field. For example, N. Mrochkovsky, a business coach and author of many books on business and finance, shares his personal experience and knowledge on successful investment issues on his INVEST-SYSTEM channel. News on social networks Most of online resources now have their pages on social networks, including financial. And this is very convenient for those readers who do not have time to go to sites, but social networks on smartphones are constantly active. Collections of the most interesting on Facebook regularly appear at Prostobank.ua, PaySpace Magazine, Finance.ua, Minfin; on Twitter - at PaySpace Magazine, Finance.ua, Minfin and all news portals. Some resources duplicate in the networks a squeeze from all publications on the site, while others select only the most important and interesting materials. Why is it important for you to know financial news? The changes that are taking place in the world of money apply to everyone: those who plan to invest in real estate, in business, open a deposit; and those who save up for a big purchase; and even those who simply live from paycheck to paycheck. Even if you are far from the financial sphere, your financial situation, incomes depend on events in the economy, in the banking sector, in Forex, etc. Real estate can go up in price - and your plans to purchase an apartment will have to be postponed. If the dollar "sags", foreign exchange savings may depreciate. Those interested in financial news will understand what to do next. They will make a decision in time: to buy currency at a low price or vice versa to sell before it is too late. Keeping up to date with financial news is not so difficult if you select 1-2 online resources and periodically look there. Better yet, subscribe to newsletters or track events through instant messengers or social networks in an optimal format and at a convenient time. We wish you to always find out financial news on time and use this information to your advantage. And if you still need additional funds, you can always get them in the online moneyveo lending service in just a few minutes.