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Do you think you are smarter than others? Be honest, who does not want to be smarter than everyone else? Of course, we also want to be smarter, so we're trying to figure out who the real smart guy, which we could learn. We have the answer to the account of how to determine that someone is smarter and who is not.

Here are 10 signs of intelligent people:

  1. They do not speak so much as doing. For the simple reason that they know that only by listening to others, they are getting smarter.
  2. They know a lot of other things than just those that specialize. Their talent lies in the fact that they are constantly fed his interest to what others are doing.
  3. They juggle with the agility work, home and their personal interests. Nor never get tired holding the balance. When they juggle, they somehow manage to get 100% of what they are busy at the same time from all fronts.
  4. They feed themselves up to date information. They do not always, but often viewed the tape and popular social networking sites that are not passed by the actual information, they capture the global trends and attitudes of society.
  5. Even when everything in their life goes wrong - they will smile. Clever people will never be stunned by something, because their smart brains give them scenarios faster than something bad can happen.
  6. They know that they are usually the smartest people in the room, but they do not spend your time to prove it. Instead, they will do anything if they see that someone else can make the room as smart as they are.
  7. If they are leaders, they will do everything possible to people who work with them, become smarter, more sociable and more popular than they are in your team. They are not a threat, because they know that the presence of mind - it is synergy. For the same reason they try to make sure that their employees are smarter than they are.
  8. They have hidden skills that will never show up as long as they do not need to. They do not need to show all their opportunities to prove that they are better than others.
  9. They may or may not have an expensive education. When they get close to you, you never know what their education until until you open their resumes.
  10. They never, ever, under any circumstances will not make you a fool, even if they do it will be easy to do. They learned the hard way that making a fool anyone - they look silly.

Now that you know the signs of an intelligent man. If you want to be one of them, take the idea of Buddhist unshaven in worn jeans, Steve Jobs: "All that we see around us, created by people no smarter ourselves. We are able to change things, to influence them and create a new one. "


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