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Earlier this week, Russian President Vladimir Putin held a videoconference about a new oil-drilling platform in the Arkutun-Dagi field of the Sea of Okhotsk, which is about 15 miles off the coast.

Perhaps more interesting than the oil and gas project, which Russia says is the country's largest, is the glimpse of the type of digs Putin hangs out in — including a large white table and video wall fit for a Bond villain.

Technologywise, it seems he has a three-camera video-conferencing system, some strange-looking phones and what looks like a very large tablet. State of the art, if we were living in 1989.

Stylewise, the theme seems more like the A View to a Kill–era Bond than the sleek 1960s production design of Goldfinger — though it's not too hard to imagine a British superspy strapped to that white table, a laser beam slowly moving toward the seam of his pants.

(h/t @maxseddon)


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