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Title : Loading their Excel in 1C items and other tabular data

1c 8.3 import + from excel          59

1s download + from excel    2461

1c download + from excel download         205

1c load nomenclature + from excel       536

1s import + from excel      207

1s universal download + from excel       50

loading data + from excel + to 1c 8.3        158

load nomenclature + in 1s 8.3 + from excel      314

data import + from 1s + to excel       31

In this article we will analyze the way to load the item in 1C 8.3   from Excel spreadsheets . With the help of an external universal loader (external program), you can import goods receipt from excel , new nomenclature prices, sales documents, goods posting , and much more.

The principle of loading all the data is the same; the only difference is in filling in the necessary columns of the Excel table and their number. I shot a video for almost every download method and they’ve got something like a small reminder for myself, but it takes a couple of months and again I’m faced with the task of loading the nomenclature or new prices with Excel in 1C and I start to understand the script again. And the video will help you quickly remember all the specific steps.

An example of my excel file for all types of imports can be found at the end of the article!

Let's step by step and start by downloading the script handler.

Download file table data handler from here   http://programmist1s.ru/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/ZagruzkaDannyihIzTablichnogoDokumenta_UF_v2.zip . It was developed by guys from the site http://programmist1s.ru


Open it in 1C (file extension epf ), here are the actions:

And now let's analyze the most popular types of transfer of tabular information from Excel to 1C and start with the nomenclature.

Load nomenclature from excel to 1C

Select in the menu the download in the "Directory", and the type of directory for import "Nomenclature":

Go to the tab "Settings" and remove all the checkboxes . In order for the nomenclature to load correctly, you must set a mandatory minimum for the columns:

·         Name

·         Parent

·         Type of nomenclature

·         unit of measurement

·         Full name

·         Allow entry of fractional quantity

·         VAT rate

·         Item Type

Very important is the sequence of the location of these columns in Excel . Be sure to go first "Name", then "Parent" and so on. The sequence coincides with the tick marks (marks) for the fields in the settings. These fields tell the program what data will be loaded and in what order they are placed in the excel table .

Be sure to put a galachku in the "Search field"   at a column with unique data. So that 1C does not duplicate the data:

Download: My minimum settings for the item (loaded into the program in the "Settings" tab).

Next, go to the next tab “Tabular Document” and load the prepared Excel file , where in the first tab! A table should be prepared with new item positions. You can check the tabular data for correct input. If everything is good and the loader does not generate errors, then we press the "Load data" button.

After loading the item database, the following message will appear:

If the database 1C does not have any new data added that you want to load with a new nomenclature, for example, such as Stamps (Brand), manufacturer. Then you need to edit the column "Download Mode" and set the "Install" mode. Thus, inform the program that it is not looking for a new brand in the database, but installed a new one.

If “Parent” is not created in the database, that is, a section in which the goods will be placed, then the described method of loading with “install” mode will not work. Before importing data from Excel it is necessary to create the necessary product groups:

Setting the price of the item

Using the boot file, you can also set the prices of the item. To do this, select the boot section in the Tabular part. Under the link, select the document “Setting the price of the item” in which we will download new data.

Attention! If this document already contains some prices, they will be deleted when importing new ones . They can either be duplicated in the Excel download table, or create a new document for downloading new prices.

In the block "tabular part" choose Products:

Required fields for correct addition to 1C with excel :


Types of prices


Price changed manually

Download: My minimum settings for item prices (loaded into the program in the "Settings" tab).

>>> Goods Receipt

As with the prices, you can load tabular data for the “Goods Receipt” document. You need to create a new document and select it in the loader. Do not forget, if you upload to old documents, all old receipts will be erased.

Required columns (the sequence of their location in Excel is important ):






Number of packages

An example of filling the table for the "Goods receipts" in 1C

An example of the finished table and the number of required columns at the end of the article!

>>> Sales of goods

To add store sales through the item “Sales of goods”, you need to create a blank document and refer to it in the following form:

Required fields you see in the screenshot above. There should be no empty lines in the file. Only those products for which there were actual sales. Otherwise, 1C will give an error. And again, do not forget about the importance of the location of the columns.

An Excel file with an example of filling in a table for all the methods for importing data into 1C described in this article.