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E Learning Changing the Corporate Identity

WhaTech Channel: eLearning Press Release
Published on Monday, 03 September 2012 21:04
Submitted by karan kumar
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Slowly but surely, the corporate world is finding E Learning and training just not beneficial economically but also reduces the time taken in a manual training along with other intricacies.

You would start thinking how E learning could change or is changing the identity of the corporates across the world and India. The engagement between the employee and employer has drastically changed since computer and internet get introduced. Many organizations are now using intranet support to interact with their employees. The interaction and engagement of the top level with the workers has always been a factor behind the growth of a company or an organization.

Earlier, employee and employer interaction was tough, looking at engagement and time of the employees which required a specific time, specific place and all other specifications before anything could happen. However, E Learning Company India has removed this gap. There is no need to get into the definition of E Learning, as we all know, any electronic learning medium is known as an E Learning device. The advancement of computer which has become the most trusted mode of learning actually has provided a better substitute to the manual training and learning.

Monitoring: The E learning software, which is now very much in the market, developed by Web Design Company, using the expertise of the professionals can monitor the day to day working of the company. The report which takes too much time in preparation manually can be organized within few minutes with the use of the software. The E Learning software is created and customized as per the requirement of an organization, keeping in mind the different needs of different categories of working.

Engagement : The most important aspect of any learning is the interaction and getting the problems solved as soon as they appear. In a traditional classroom, one often find a problem after the class is over and one can’t go back for solution to the teacher before the next class or next day. However E-learning Solution diminishes this gap. Online Learning solution exploits the limitations which traditional classrooms have and offers a platform where time is not limited. A student can always engage with the teacher whenever he gets the time and whenever he has a problem.

Training : Corporate trainings had been a tedious job for the HR management. From finding a place to appointing a trainer with paper work, cost a lot to the company. The introduction of E learning India has proved an economical choice to the organizations. The training is now possible without inviting employees to any specific place, but now they can update themselves with the company’s policies and strategies sitting inside their home with the help of the computer. The trainer can be anywhere but an employee can interact with him through video conferencing, chat and e mails to solve the queries.

E Learning India in many ways is bringing benefits to the corporates, saving cost of traveling of the employees for training, reducing time investment in training process and above all providing employees the opportunity to return to the trainer with their query, if there is anything unsolved during the training.

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