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Call for Help: Best free DVD authoring software?


Adam Pash

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9/21/06 3:30pm
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Call for Help: Best free DVD authoring software?

Reader Ann writes:

I built myself a new computer recently, and there was no associated software with my DVD burner. I'm looking for a good, preferably freeware software solution for my DVD burner, but so far I haven't found anything very worthwhile. Any ideas?

I've never been without some sort of freebie CD/DVD burning/authoring solution that came bundled with my hardware, so I really don't have a great idea of what the best freeware solution to this problem is. However, I'm sure that one of our loyal readers has been in Ann's position, so why don't you help us out by giving some suggestions in the comments for a solid, preferably freeware DVD burning software. — Adam Pash

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