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P CLASS = "western" STYLE = "margin-bottom: 0.35cm"> Every motor has the basic characteristics of torque and power. This is taken into account when carrying out an operation such as chip tuning Volvo.

Common power units - kilowatts and horsepower:

  • 1 horsepower - 0.7355 kW.

  • 1 kW - 1, 3596 hp

Torque is expressed in Newtons per meter.

Engine power and operating modes

For many, the time of purchase power is becoming a determining factor. In the first place it is the future owners interested in it. Ra reasonable to assume that the more power - the better for Volvo. But you have to watch what the engine speed will achieve the maximum in terms of cardinality.

Picture 1

According to statistics, the average engine speed - 2000-3500 rpm.

Torque is equally important for the characteristics of the engine. It is growing faster than capacity, and in turbocharged engines it remains constant.

This torque makes the car pull away and then pick up speed steadily. It performs several functions during the operation:

  1. It saves fuel and resource.

  2. A pleasure while driving.

  3. It facilitates sharp acceleration at low revs in the engine

  4. It presses down on the driver's seat to the back when he presses on the gas.

Picture 2

While maintaining maximum performance fuel is consumed in large quantities. In this case the engine becomes less resources.

Features of modern technology

Intelligent Control System is equipped with almost every vehicle. This not only provides access to a set of characteristics with a broad range, but also to the effective management of the entire system. Everything is determined by the software incorporated in the control unit. From this it depends on how the Volvo tuning will take place.

In this engine, even if their design is the same, may have a capacity in the range 170-245 horsepower. If you optimize the software itself, you can get the best parameters in practice. Such optimization contributes to better fuel economy. This is due to the fact that drivers rarely have to press on the gas pedal to enter the motion modes with the correct parameters.

Such tuning Volvo lead not only to the fact that the fuel consumed in smaller quantities, but also helps improve the transmission to the engine, its working resources. Operating engines involves preserving moderation in maintaining speed. Switching occurs less types of automatic transmissions.

From the standpoint of active safety, the engine having a good torque plays an important role. He was allowed to dramatically increase the speed to avoid an accident. It is important when making maneuvers, which include overtaking rebuilding in the automotive thread, preserving the high-speed performance.

After the optimization of the factory warranty does not end in the event that operating rules are observed. Tuning Volvo needed only to improve the performance in practice. It helps keep the car more confident when driving and increases active safety.

Figure 3

Keep in mind that the effectiveness of Volvo tuning affect the original factory characteristics of the machine and engine.

Why even look?

There is another point, no less important. If the control software update takes place at official centers, the modified firmware is replaced by the factory. After that, the engine will return to the original factory settings. It should not be because of this experience. RICA dealer completely free to hold the restoration of modified firmware.

What will the buyer after our specialists will Volvo tuning?

  1. Automatic transmissions operate with fewer delays, less frequent switching.

  2. Active type safety is increased.

  3. Harmful gases in the atmosphere is less.

  4. Optimized fuel consumption.

  5. Guaranteed environmental parameters, the manufacturer claims.

  6. Saving the official guarantees 100 percent.

We work with clients who like experiments. Yakremmash Auto can not only sets the software itself. Our staff will provide any ideas and opportunities. Users can choose the software that seems to them the most appropriate and carry out engine tuning Volvo. To this end, we propose to use the device isotloader, issued by RICA Engineering.

That this device allows access to independent change settings by users. Everyone chooses what best fits the needs of making Volvo tuning in your Home -. Remember the main features associated with a change in performance. For example, the car will be good to accelerate away, if the engine torque is high, but little power. Even if the pedal is pressed, the response will be sluggish at low speeds.

Chip-tuning of standard motors

On the internet you can find many free firmware. Our car service offers software to carry out self-tuning Volvo.

Thus trying to develop plant EEPROM beforehand with optimum characteristics. The main thing - remember that you need to take only fuel quality, otherwise inevitable detonation even at high speeds.

The air-fuel ratio also varies in different firmwares. It can be up to 12 \ 1 cardinality modes. This increases the expense. Movement speed limiter - is another option available to owners of standard motors. In conventional engines the fuel supply is stopped, is achieved if the indicator 6300 rpm.

This "shut-off" can be increased to 10,200 rpm, for example, Volvo XC 90. But it does not make sense if the car is standard, because it reaches maximum power already at 5600 rpm. After that, power characteristics are reduced. Spin motor longer dangerous if the driver is no special preparation.

Each buyer decides whether to enough of those characteristics that gives Volvo tuning in our service, or should do something else. Possible changes, there are several, and the customer determines the individual volume of work for the masters in the service, or to conduct independent experiments.

Volvo models, the most frequently exposed to the chip-tuning:

  • Volvo XC60, XC90

  • VNL tractor

  • Volvo S60, S70, 740


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