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In order to achieve the required accuracy of dynamic calculation of buildings and structures, it is very important to properly account for the damping forces that have a significant impact on the overall oscillation process. When calculating building structures for dynamic impacts, the choice of a model describing the internal friction in the material is of great importance.

In general, the damping matrix in PC LIRA 10.10 is written as



- matrix of concentrated dampers,

matrix of mass and rigidity of the calculation model,

factors for mass matrices and rigidity of the calculation model,

the number of finite elements with nonzero factors to the mass matrices and the stiffness of the element,

mass matrix and stiffness th UK and nchennoho element

  factors to weight and stiffness matrices th UK and nchennoho element.

            Multipliers and to the matrices of the masses and stiffness of the calculation model are specified in the download "Damping", which can also be assigned concentrated dampers for the matrix .

            Multipliers and the matrices of mass and stiffness of the ith finite element are specified in the Material Editor.

Special finite elements have no multipliers and .