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Open-Source Ransomware Abused For the Second Time In Real-Life Infections (softpedia.com) 95

Posted by timothy on Sunday January 24, 2016 @12:48AM from the dark-side-wins-some-rounds dept. An anonymous reader writes: After the Hidden Tear (open-source) ransomware code was used to create the Cryptear.B ransomware, now the EDA2 open-source project was used in the same way to create the Magic ransomware. Both projects were created by the same guy. While he left an encryption flaw for Hidden Tear, he didn't for EDA2, relying on a backdoor in the ransomware's admin panel, which he planned to use to steal the encryption keys from the ransomware authors, if they ever used his tool. Unfortunately, the ransomware's C&C servers were on a free hosting service, and someone reported the account. All the data has been deleted from the servers, there's no backup, the backdoor account is useless, and victims have no way of recovering their files.


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