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How you define E learning system?

WhaTech Channel: eLearning Press Release
Published on Friday, 17 August 2012 07:15
Submitted by karan kumar
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The concept of E learning can be defined simply as any learning which establish itself with the electronic medium and have virtual presentation. But, there are other definitions which shall be considered to understand E learning system in a better way.

Technologies are playing its part in our grooming. Electronic medium have confiscated the traditional learning in this context. In the broader context online communication has become a virtual classroom in the present scenario. Thanks to the E Learning Membership expired, renew now to activate link concept which has broken the boundaries in learning and has provided us a platform away from the traditional classroom and teaching.

The E learning system which has been here from sometime revolutionized the education as a result the concept of distant education has come into existence. The conceptualization of education as a lifelong process now began to poses a challenge to traditional education institutions. What are the challenges which the institutes are facing; integration of technologies into their curriculum and organizations to reap greater fruits in the educational shift?

E learning is now considered as a tool in the context of technologies for structuring education. There are many authors who are considering e learning solutions as a new generation of distance education. It is quite right adaptation, keeping in view the virtual nature of the e learning management which is purely structured and adhered to the online education system. “E-learning does not represent more of the same (…) [It is] about doing things differently” (Garrison & Anderson, 2003).

The E learning management System approach is basically based on the learning and teaching fundamental of the educational model. It is based on the electronic media and devices as a tool to improve access and reach.

However, there is no consensus on the definition of E learning but the two aspects which has been taken into consideration while defining the E learning management:

  • The development and growth of technologies used for learning shall be taken into account.
  • The concept of e learning is thoroughly based on the socio economic factors which isn’t included into the definition but is asked to be included while defining.

The above definition about E-learning solution throws light on the evolution of the concept. Many authors believe that E learning isn’t only the process of teaching and learning through electronic medium as many of us believe that E learning concept came into existence since the birth of computers. However, anything which brings a paradigm shift into the education process from the traditional ways of learning can be termed as E learning – effective learning.

But, conventional definition still stands on learning through electronic medium is called E learning and the E learning management system, more or less amplify this definition – electronic learning, to differentiate with the traditional learning in schools and colleges.

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