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Got a big meeting with remote workers coming up soon? Google thinks it has a solution with its updated Chromebox for Meetings package, particularly if your conference room can handle twenty participants.


The company expanded Chromebox for Meetings on Wednesday to support multiple monitors and an extra microphone for your video-conference. It won't come cheaply though: The updated package costs $1,999, which is double the cost of the small room package.

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With it, the pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) USB camera attached to the included Chromebox will capture all local participants in full 1080p and connect up to a pair of monitors so that everyone can see what's going on.

Adding the second microphone to the kit ensures that bright idea in the back of the room can be heard by all as well.

Note that the Chromebox for Meetings cost also includes the first year of management and support fees, so the two grand isn't just for the hardware. Google has added some Chrome management tools to improve the experience as well; Admins can remotely monitor the health of the Chrome devices.

Google says that it will expand availability of Chromebox for Meetings to additional regions later this year.


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