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Creation and promotion of sites

Our customers - those who understand that good work is expensive and time consuming.

Website development and promotion, as well as their subsequent support - our business activities. Here you can order a site turnkey Almaty at the most affordable price . Web resource - a powerful tool to communicate with the target audience, so the creation and promotion need to trust a competent web studio.

  • Creation and promotion of sites in Almaty

    Website development

    Web-studio «AdeptSEO» NOT aimed at creating faceless projects and manufactures a complete sales tool prepared for the promotion and advertising of goods and services of your company! Create a site meet the individual requirements of each customer has applied to us to have a unique and eye-catching design and easy navigation (usability). Creation of a site , the first part of the path to effective promotion of your business online. The second part - website promotion. These two complementary services to pave the way for tangible results from the creation of a web resource.

  • website promotion

    Website promotion

    Website Promotion - an integrated approach to advertising on the Internet! We aim to mutually beneficial cooperation in the long term and help to promote a project of Almaty and Kazakhstan, using only proven and tested advertising platforms, so-called "white" promotion methods. Proper promotion of a website will allow to occupy leading positions in the tops of search engines Yandex and the Google, attract new customers and increase your profits many times. Promote by internal factors and content without using "referential needle."

  • seo optimization Almaty

    SEO optimization

    Search engine optimization (SEO, Search Engine Optimization) - a set of works to improve the visibility of the web resource in search engines. The higher the website is in the SERPs (SERP), on certain key demands, the greater the likelihood of a visit by its users. Of SEO optimization was born with the advent of popular systems Yandex and Google and developed as improving their algorithms. This development has a stable direction of the black-spam techniques of SEO to optimize organic - pleasant for both users and search engines.

  • text for a site

    Texts for the site

    An interesting and unique content is what primarily attracts visitors to a particular web resource. The text should, clear and simple words, convey to potential buyer all the benefits of your services or products and to push it to the desired action. Writing texts for promotion articles, blogging and news feeds, PR-texts, all this is no more than a sphere of professional activity of a copywriter. We offer the service of writing the texts of any volume. This can be a constant content of the site, and one small article.

sharing experience
We do not impose

We do not impose your services, but share experiences and make recommendations. If the customer does not know what he wants - it is worth considering whether it is necessary to him?

Custom solution

You'll get a website that is designed for the requirements of usability (ease of use in terms of visitors) and is ready to promote.

Support and warranty
Support and warranty

Small problem surfaced a month? No question, adjusted if necessary. You can be sure everything will work the way you want.

We do not buy links
legal methods

We do not promote reference aggregators and do not buy SEO-Links! You do not have to transfer money to us on a monthly basis to maintain spamnyh links.

We find all keywords
We promote the full

We find all the keywords for promotion and introduce them into the structure of the site. We promote for all keywords - no "40000 tenge for 30 keywords." )))

study search engine algorithms
Our knowledge

Periodically we conduct research search engine algorithms that help us safer and much faster to reach the top positions.

  • social marketing

    Promotion in social networks

    Promotion in social networks - a set of measures on the use of social media as a channel for the promotion of companies and solutions to other business tasks. The advantage of social media marketing is efficiency, viral, point (targeting potential customers) and the possibility of constant interaction with subscribers. Professional work with social networks (communities and pages) and smm promotion have a positive impact on brand awareness (product, service, organization), to attract the audience, sales and loyalty.

  • site support

    Support sites

    Site Support is a necessary service, the resource must be developed in conjunction with your company to be competitive. To online marketplace work for you, it is necessary to regularly update and maintain, continuously analyze audience that visits the site. Very often in the state of the Customer is not a person with the necessary knowledge to develop the best course will be to attract professionals. Handing your website, to support, in the hands of our team, you will get rid of the problems associated with information updating and control of the resource work.

  • contextual advertising Almaty

    contextual advertising

    One of the most popular and effective marketing types on the Internet, is contextual advertising . The basis of this method is based on the principle of a thematic compliance of promotional material to the search query or the content of the page on which it appears. Contextual advertising - the fastest and most efficient way to link customer and advertiser on the Internet. Due to its versatility, this type of advertising can act as the primary method of business development and optimal blend in with other types of online marketing (website promotion, popularization of social networks, and so on. D.).

  • site audit

    Internal audit of the site

    Site Audit - a set of specific actions aimed at identifying problems (problems can wear, software or technical nature, and errors associated with SEO specialists) Web resource, preventing its output for maximum efficiency. In other words - a detailed analysis of the whole site, as well as the study of its individual pages and study the composition of semantic core . You can order a promotion, but before you start, it is strongly recommended to conduct a comprehensive audit. Only in this way we will achieve a positive result in the short term.

Technologies that use

The development of powerful, adaptive and scalable projects on HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and framework, Bootstrap.

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