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Thinx Labs launches new e-learning app ‘Thinx Finance’ for the Apple iPad

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Published on Tuesday, 24 July 2012 15:22
Submitted by Jennifer Germano
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Thinx Labs announce the launch of Thinx Finance , an innovative new e-learning app for the iPad, available for free download at the Apple App store.

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Thinx Labs are pleased to announce our first e-learning iPad app Thinx Finance, which is now available to download on the Apple App store. Thinx Finance is an e-learning app that focuses on the derivatives space in finance.

Thinx Labs delivers a more intuitive learning experience. The use of widgets and tools makes complex concepts easier to understand with lots of examples and dynamic tools. The ThinxLab environment allows users to experiment with the concepts they are learning about. Download Thinx Finance and see for yourself!

The Thinx Finance app is free to download from the Apple App store from the link below (or by searching the keywords “Thinx Finance” at the Apple App store):



Thinx Finance takes a modular approach to learning. Currently there are 5 modules which can be downloaded with the app:

Module 1 : Introduction to Derivatives
Module 2 : Statistics and Time Value of Money
Module 3 : Futures & Forwards
Module 4 : Bonds & Swaps
Module 5 : Options

The first 2 modules are free, and modules 3 to 5 are priced at $7 or £5 each – an extremely competitive price point compared to other learning materials in this space.

Each Thinx Finance module has a host of standard features such as the ability to create your own custom notes for each module. There is a simple and easy navigation system that allows you to jump to any section of the content, and of course you can search to find exactly what you are looking for. Once you feel you have learnt something you can test yourself using our multiple choice quiz module and see what progress you have made.

Please visit our website for more information on the modules and for various posts on finance topics in our active and up-to-date blog:


Of course we're constantly developing and improving our product and would love to hear from our customers. So let us know what you think and where you feel Thinx Finance can be made better!

Thinks Labs will also be adding new content soon, so watch this space. Our next area of development will be tailored courses and practice tests for the Professional Risk Managers qualification (PRM). We hope to release these towards the later part of 2012. We will follow the Thinx Labs modular approach and continue to have competitive pricing so that we can make these high quality learning tools available to as wide an audience as possible.


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