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Ford could have saved a lot of money and just set up shop in Chicago.

As t he founder of CHUG (Chicago Hadoop User Group) I can tell you that our organization has over 2000 members from the region, and that there are several other groups the deal with related topics. Several of Chicago'a Universities have 'Big Data' / Data Science and Analytic Master programs.

While we 'enjoy' 4 seasons of weather, the cost of living in Chicago is much less than the cost of living in the 'Valley'. And then there is the proximity to Ford's HQ.

Not to mention that both Nokia (HERE) and Google , two potential partners to Ford are located in the Downtown Chicago area. (Both have the Big Data skills that Ford in interested in.) Allstate is also here and State Farm is close by. (These two insurance companies are also looking at Big Data when it comes to insurance for drivers.)

      • 11:47 am January 29, 2015
      • Barry Rabkin wrote:

      Mr. Nair is right... Big Data will be (much) bigger than telematics.One reason is that the Internet of Things (IoT) will be present in more than vehicles. Every tangible asset, public and private, will eventually have an embedded IP-enabled sensor. The sensors will continually generate real-time data.

      Pattern recognition, interactive data visualization, and cognitive computing / deep learning (i.e. Watson) will become part-and-parcel of enterprise's bases of competencies.

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