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Every time after a meal, many food debris remains on the teeth and between them, resulting in a soft patina. Here microorganisms begin to appear, as a result of the activity of which the inflammation of the gums occurs. If the plaque is not removed, it will turn into tartar, and the teeth themselves will gradually begin to darken. To detect such deposits on the teeth, special dyes are used, which will allow to control the entire process of cleaning teeth.

Gingivitis causes inflammation of the gums, it swells and bleeds when brushing your teeth, and its color becomes bluish-red.

Necrotizing gingivitis is able to cause two bacteria that are constantly in the mouth. The disease manifests itself in the form of painful sores, which are covered with white bloom. This disease is treated for a very long time, and not only medicines are used here, but even painkillers. Reduction of inflammation and pain is observed on the third day, in order to avoid re-manifestation of the disease, you need to go through the whole course of treatment.

Hypertrophic gingivitis manifests itself in the case when the gums under the influence of plaque begin to grow in such a way that they cover part of the tooth. Thus, plaque accumulates in the resulting space. The disease may occur due to the action of certain drugs. The treatment is carried out in two stages. Firstly, professional oral hygiene, and secondly, surgical removal of gum areas. Healing lasts up to 10 days, and a follow-up examination is scheduled 2 months after the procedure.

Localized periodontitis manifests itself in the defeat of several teeth, and the causes can be like an incorrectly inserted filling or crown. Treatment consists of removing the cause of the disease, professional oral hygiene and removal of tartar. This process the surface of the tooth root.

Rapidly progressive periodontitis is manifested in the deep spread of inflammation. The reason may be some microorganisms. If you do not ask for help, then with the active course of the process, early loss of teeth is often observed. As a rule, this type of disease is observed in people whose age is not more than 35 years.

Treatment begins with the fact that the specialist measures the depth of the pockets in the area of ​​all teeth and determines the condition of the gums. After that, a treatment plan is drawn up, which may include several steps. To cure the disease is possible only if you comply with all the requirements of oral hygiene.

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