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Open-Source Doom 3 Advances With EAX Audio, 64-bit ARM/x86 Support (phoronix.com) 37

Posted by Soulskill on Saturday October 10, 2015 @05:23AM from the done-just-in-time-for-doom-4 dept. An anonymous reader writes: Dhewm3, one of the leading implementations of the Doom 3 engine built off the open-source id Tech 4 engine, has released a new version of the GPL-licensed engine that takes Doom 3 far beyond where it was left off by id Software. The newest code has full SDL support, OpenAL + OpenAL EFX for audio, 64-bit x86/ARM support, better support for widescreen resolutions, and CMake build system support on Linux/Windows/OSX/FreeBSD. This new open-source code can be downloaded from Dhewm3 on GitHub but continues to depend upon the retail Doom 3 game assets.


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