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Soul feesbeshnika

Conversation with a man who no one could call him

This text - the result of failing to seriously investigate what is happening in the FSB. The failure reason is simple: the author was scared. After the first five hours of interviews with one of the security officers, it became clear that the field of interaction around any special services arranged on the basis of the funnel. And as there is no ex-red-tape-monger, so can not be journalists who delved into this funnel and were able to emerge from it. Hillary Clinton once seriously suggested that the KGB officer by definition has no soul. Right or wrong - even if the answer to this question I now know for sure.

Dmitry Sokolov-Mitrichpodelitsya: June 20, 2013, № 24 (302) text size: aaa

From anywhere in the city can see the mountains, but it is not the Caucasus. Main street - promenade, but it is not the Volga. I stand on the porch of a battered green-brown buildings, but it is not a library. Sign interdistrict department FSB can only be seen at very close range. These people always prefer to form the content.

In the office of the department no icons, though I know that he is not indifferent to the faith. But behind him hangs a wooden portrait of Dzerzhinsky - persona non grata to the Russian Orthodox Church. In this study all the kingdom of contradictions, but the main contradiction in the fact that as a result it still turns mesmerizing certainty.

- I can not understand why all feesbeshniki still so fond of Dzerzhinsky? Is it nice to be a spiritual successor to the executioner?

- I do not see any reason to argue on this subject, - head of the department keeps hitting. - For me, Dzerzhinsky - is primarily a symbol of pure and selfless service. Warm heart, cool head, clean hands. This is such a moral benchmark that is not associated with a specific individual.

- And the icon for this are not suitable?

- No, the icon for this is not suitable. Icons - it's a little different story.

Chthonic Felix looks especially ridiculous on the background of the chief interdistrict department. By the standards of his office, he is still very young: he was about forty, and although the profession face loaded the performance lead, it still left something puppy.

- Hillary Clinton once said that Putin, by definition, can not be the soul, because he's a career KGB officer. Putin in response to a joke that a statesman should at least be the brains, and the presence or absence at the soul has neither confirmed nor denied. You, too, a career officer of the FSB. Do you have a soul?

- Let's just talk, we will, and then you have answered this question yourself.

The answer to this question

Communicating with an FSB officer helps to look at the world more positively. Much of what I used to think of the great signs of mayhem happened only tasks of national importance. For example, the court takes and releases non-serial rapist. Or even petty drug dealer. Or even large. And then the man, whom we all know that it is criminal authority. What's this? Corruption of the judicial system? And here and there. Only intelligence work.

- On the one hand, we struggle with the criminals, and on the other - have to constantly deal with them - enlightens me a man with soul feesbeshnika. - Permanent agent - this is a man who knows something and something might otherwise what he is an agent? Among such people very often come across citizens, say, legal border states - for the simple reason that it is the information from the criminal world we are interested in are usually the most. We have them, of course, keep in shape, and they understand that cooperation with the secret police - this is not the parliamentary immunity. But from time to time they still have problems. And if these problems threaten the loss of the agent, it is necessary to solve them. So that the court already know everything: time, we ask for someone, then you need it.

- And you think it's right?

- Of course. Let him better today will not sit at a drunken brawl, but tomorrow we will hand channel drug trafficking. Let him work today uses illegal migrants, we close our eyes to this and ask others to dismiss it. Because then it will help us to neutralize the terrorists and we will prevent a terrible tragedy. That's how all intelligence agencies of the world - to one degree or another.

- And why do you think this is you use these people, and they are not you? Where to draw the line in such dangerous relationships?

- In these dangerous links importantly - keep himself on the moral high ground. Your agent in good shape exactly as long as he respects you, until he sees that you do not like him. If you zamazheshsya the same mud, if you start getting on your collaboration with him direct dividends, all you have for him is not an authority, you are a partner for him. And for colleagues at work - the black sheep. As soon as it will reveal - and it certainly will reveal - you condemn all and none for you harness oneself will not. This is the worst thing that can happen is what we really fear.

The man with the soul feesbeshnika phone rings. He asks someone to call on skype unknown. And of further conversation I realize many agents have not only the FSB, but also in other law enforcement agencies - police, Federal Drug Control Service, customs. And these structures are also sometimes forced to deal with the problems of their agents. As a result, the density of the coating area with all sorts of people using relatively immune from justice, somehow too high.

But to be an agent - is not only a privilege, it is also a serious risk. From time to time in force underground there are big and small PE: that agents try to solve their problems with the help of their patrons, the power structures themselves begin to fight each other and cause each other grievances, including landing in jail foreign agents. Right now, for example, an invisible world war between the FSB and the Federal Drug Control Service, and a man with a soul feesbeshnika falls out of our conversation for twenty minutes, saving his agent on the phone and trying to drown someone else.

- Is integrity - the only resource for recruiting?

- Certainly not the only one! You can, for example, a man pressed on something and then it will work, not to go to jail or lose business. But if we talk about positive motivation, then there is little options. Generally our brother is much more difficult to work in relatively prosperous countries without a strong ideology. During Soviet times, people were willing to cooperate for the idea, for the truth, afraid of losing credibility comrades party card, turn on the flat, in the end. And now, this tool does not work, and those of our colleagues who are older still suffer such a patriotic naivete: why he does not want to help us? The same for the homeland, for the country! Today we have to do much on personal relationships. When there is no soul in the state, has to work his own soul.

- What?

- It is necessary to hear people should feel them. Because of the nature of man actually created honest and respectable - it should be clearly understood. Even the most hardened criminals craving for something light and lofty is still life. And the best recruiting tool - give the person feel that by working with us, he just attached to this high and bright. You should have seen how sometimes inspired incorrigible criminals, repeat offenders - even to the awards represent! You tell them: "Come, let him slap Zavriev." And he said: "No, not tonight!" Life is ready to risk. Because he sees that we are really working, too. And it's something that's moral superiority is important. Of course, in our case can not be without guile, but one can not take subtlety here. Here it is necessary to believe in yourself it is large and bright, work wear, to maintain the reputation, to be able to sacrifice for the common cause. In general, work soul, soul. Soul - is the main means of production FSB. Without a soul we like without hands.

Everything is under control

Communicating with an FSB officer helps to clarify the meaning of many words and phrases. Take, for example, the popular phrase "everything is under control." It turns out that for civilians it means something quite different from that for the soldier and.

- When I was appointed here, the FSB was not here any interaction with the police, nor the courts, nor with the prosecution. I first came to the local police, all the chiefs gathered there and said, "So true. Tomorrow, each of you will come to my office honestly tell you what it feeds on. And unless it is something beyond, break your business, I will not. But what if someone conceals immediately slam. " Two first time do not understand, I had to plant. Another two tried to draw me into your business - broken off. As a result, the police now have no problems at all.

- How no? They than feeding, the feed and: taking bribes, run over by merchants.

- Well, let them. This problem is not at our level. Our task - to the police did not pose a threat to national security. That they did not sell drugs for high stakes. That were not on the hook bandits. To not poured into OPG operational plans. I recently tried one - slammed sits. Because divulging state secrets.

- Or maybe it does not drain the bandits and intelligence work. You said yourself that it is necessary to ensure the safety of its agents. So he provided.

- I did not say that we provide them with security. I said that we sometimes solve their problems. This is not a systematic work, and rare exceptions, they are perceived as a failure in the system, not the system itself. The same people just making money selling officer honor. This is unacceptable.

"Yes we criticize Putin criticize. The main thing - not publicly. but we're still a presumption of correctness of the state. Because the state - is us "

Another five minutes later, I finally cut in that "under control" - this is not about law and order. If a man in uniform says: "Everything is under control," he does not necessarily mean that a given territory prevails justice and enforce laws of the Russian Federation. "Everything is under control" - it's just a power term. It means that the state somehow dominates owns decor and can influence it. Everything else can be forgiven. In my heart there is always room feesbeshnika mercy and humanism, but both special property.

- We, the KGB, there are only five people on three areas. And we are not here to protect the rule of law and ensure dictatorship of the law - this is the police, prosecutors, courts, human rights and so on. Our task - to maintain overall control of the situation. We - the sovereign's eye. We all look at the angle of national security. If someone in petty drug dealer - the case of STC, it is enough just to know about it. But if someone sells drugs and thus builds an entire international network of drug dealers and corrupt police officers, and it is our competence. If someone robbed a store, it is a police matter. But if someone has been systematically looting and extortion to finance extremist groups, it is ours. We know everything about everyone, but activating only when the system itself is threatened by the authorities.

- In other words, we all know, but can not do anything.

- No, not so. This is just my predecessors have had such a position. Here sat despondent patriots such that for the Power was hurt, and waited to see what the new day will come and Stalin gives the command "face!". But security did not exist in order to live on "face" to "face". We are here to work every day. To us no secrets. That at any moment we could with minimal costs influence what is happening. Therefore, we know everything about everyone, and we are even able to do. And everyone knows it, so do not burrow.

- What is your salary?

- Enough to live on, but not enough to not think about it.

- With such a knowledge of everything about everybody, probably difficult to live on one salary?

- You know, we have a saying: good operas always adjust business to his wife.

- I think it's time to talk about a hot heart and clean hands.

- The FSB is no corruption.

- Then what is called a spousal business establishment?

- This is called the rational use of knowledge about the area. When all your territory you at a glance, you quite clearly where to invest money to get good business, how to arrange the best combination. Moreover, the presence of the FSB in local business very often helps to control the situation.

- But then, what is corruption?

- Corruption - is trading state powers. It's when you sell at the workplace. And then an FSB is the most disadvantaged: he simply nothing to trade. Ment - some third-rate he can close the criminal case and this cut the money for a new car. And the FSB with the one you'll take the money? Well, with whom? With terrorists? With foreign spies? With thieves? But this is absolutely necessary to be a jerk - of our professional community itself instantly pushes. We scale of responsibility is that the gap between corruption and betrayal is not there. I personally do not know of any FSB officer who earned the money to his official position.

Circular attack

- Look, - continued my companion, seeing my eyes persistent misunderstanding. - Is there we head of DAEC. He comes to one merchant who sells spare parts, and says, "Come on, you're on company cars us new tires deliver, and we'll do the whole year will not touch." Businessman scratching his reputation, "Well, I agree." Shoes police cars and think that you can now sleep peacefully. But as early as next week, two employees DAEC violate the contract and jam merchant $ 1,200. He calls chief: We're kind of agreement? Head did not know - go to those two subordinates, arranges them unscheduled production meeting. Those in nesoznanku: slander! Head puts them in the office bug and the next day enjoying official revelations: "But you never know what he agreed with him there! Fuck it in the ass! He agreed, and we lost profits! How to take, and we will take. " Head of the Economic Crime causes both to himself and listens to this record with them. Those falling at his feet: I'm sorry, the devil made me do! How do you think that happened?

- Judging by your tone, to the merchant the money was not returned.

- You're absolutely right! Head took each opera by three hundred dollars - its share - on and hit it off. That is corruption! We is impossible to even imagine. We have a class with the police in general incompatibility, we tried them without a need not to contact. The FSB yet still very strong tradition, the concept of honor. Condemnation of the collective - the worst punishment. His fear is stronger than any court. We, on the one hand, the most powerful corporate solidarity, but on the other - no mutual responsibility. If you own, you will not get lost. Anyway you can help - and in the service and retired. But if you have abused the trust, you've lost everything, you count, has lived in vain.

The longer the talk of corporate solidarity, the more vibrant and colorful becomes for me the world. The head of this district - the employee retired FSB. Chapter neighboring district - FSB officer retired. List of the largest employers in the region abounds FSB retired. List of Directors and Chief of the largest state-owned companies - the employee on the employee. One of the leaders of the "United Russia" in the region - the employee, the former head of the same interdistrict department, only on the other end of the field.

- And I, by the way, once passed by this city, stayed in the hotel - there was still more guards than guests. I ask them: What are you so much? Silent. But the waitress let slip that the hotel is owned by two feesbeshnikam: one local, one Moscow.

- You have the correct information - on the face of my companion official expression gives way to simple human indulgence. Interestingly, and this is why I tell him? Who pulls my tongue?

- There's still a kid on the third floor sits fake checks draws - with him all the time, all of the truckers - and I continue to feel horror, that I can not stop. Indulgence on the face of my companion abruptly gives sincere interest.

- Now I understand why this kid was so brave. I asked him: "Why are your eyes red?" And he replied: "Yes today sat all night with one local - budget money mastered."

My companion begins to imitate expertly towards me professional respect. Gently but firmly interested in my biography, professional experience, Service to the Fatherland. His head was turned on the recorder, the pupils ran as reel audio tapes. And while I was in this office under the mediation of the person we both trust, I have started an easy paranoid attack. Я вдруг осознаю, что грань между завербованностью и незавербованностью предельно тонка и в любой момент может порваться, что вербовка — она вот сейчас, в данный момент, и происходит. Человек с душой фээсбэшника, вне всякого сомнения, включил эту свою душу на полную мощность, и теперь я точно знаю, что она у него есть. Подружишься с ним — и что будет дальше? Он позвонит, попросит что-нибудь узнать — вот ты уже и агент.

— А как сейчас в ФСБ с идеологическим контролем? Вы в курилках у себя Путина ругаете?

— Да ругаем мы Путина, ругаем, — пропел человек с душой фээсбэшника. Мотив получился такой: да не волнуйся ты, тебе у нас будет хорошо! — Ругать нам вообще можно кого угодно. Главное — чтобы не публично. Мы такие же люди, как и все, у нас такие же проблемы, все понимаем. Просто мы все равно исходим из презумпции правоты государства. Потому что государство — это мы.

От приглашения на рыбалку мне отбрыкаться удалось. А вот телефончик пришлось оставить.

— У нас есть такая профессиональная поговорка, — бормочет себе под нос фээсбэшник, записывая мой номер, — лишних людей не бывает.

Вернувшись домой, заглядываю в Википедию:

«Лишний человек — литературный тип, характерный для произведений русских писателей XIX века. Обычно это человек значительных способностей, который не в состоянии реализовать свои способности на государственной службе...»

Описанный выше разговор состоялся почти два года назад. Человек с душой фээсбэшника с тех пор ни разу не позвонил. Даже не знаю, расслабиться по этому поводу или напрячься.