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A Talk With Troops, Carefully Rehearsed (2 Letters)

OCT. 15, 2005

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To the Editor:

Re "In a Scripted TV Scene, Soldiers Reassure Bush" (news article, Oct. 14):

President Bush's videoconference on Thursday with soldiers in Iraq is a blatant example of the administration's using our troops as human shields.

By standing shoulder to shoulder (sort of) with these courageous men, Mr. Bush hopes to deflect the barrage of criticism coming at him.

The role of the military is to defend our country, not the personal credibility and honor of the president. He is now asking them to fight and die trying to erase his epic mistake of starting this war.

Let's support our troops by looking seriously at finding a way out of this ugly war and bringing them home.


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Will McDonald
Santa Fe, N.M., Oct. 14, 2005

To the Editor:

The president's videoconference with American troops and one Iraqi soldier seems to contradict what we are supposedly fighting for in Iraq: freedom.

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The soldiers were coached in advance about what questions the president would ask and which soldier should answer which question, and then practiced their responses.

What sort of freedom are we fighting for? Freedom of speech that is carefully structured, controlled, limited and rehearsed? How can this be viewed as anything other than government propaganda?

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This staged "conversation" with the troops is absolute hypocrisy and the antithesis of democracy.

Gabriel Morris
Portland, Ore., Oct. 14, 2005

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